Resources and Networks

Collaborating to build resilience

Group of people in a field

Pollution is a complex problem requiring well-organized collaboration. Solve Pollution Madagascar focuses on building and strengthening enduring connections across organizations, sectors, and generations to deliver needed expertise, resources, and services.

For example, the University of Fianarantsoa is gathering information on where pollution is causing the most severe health problems. PIVOT Madagascar focuses on making health care accessible in these areas. Pure Earth provides a remediation process to end exposures from contaminated sites, and the Madagascar Green School works with youth to encouraging emerging leaders in pollution prevention.

The Solve Pollution Network brings together experts in public health, environmental science, and pollution response with grassroots environmental groups, youth groups, government ministers, ambassadors, development agencies, representatives from industry, NGOs, and collaborators from the World Bank, World Health Organization, USAID, UNICEF, and the United Nations Development Programme.