Prevent premature death

1 in 3
people in Madagascar dies early from pollution.

One in three people highlighted

Protect biodiversity

of species in Madagascar exist nowhere else.

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Reduce climate impacts

Pollution is the root of the climate crisis.

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Reveal causes of illness

The links between pollution and disease are not well understood.

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This comprehensive program scales with investment. In five years:

$5MImplements our systems approach in the worst-affected zone, improving health for at least half a million people

$10MExpands our reach to several communities, improving health for at least 1.1. million people

$100MImproves the health of approximately 13 million people - half the population of Madagascar - and builds coalitions to sustain our mission

With support from people and organizations committed to saving lives and protecting natural resources, our work is expanding across the globe in partnership with countries that are already preparing to solve pollution.

Nine other countries have initiated Health and Pollution Action Plans. Dozens more, including India and Azerbaijan, have requested assistance.

Work in Madagascar begins the process of solving pollution worldwide through grassroots commitment and expert partnership.

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